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How to get communicate with Omnikey 3121 Reader


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How to get communicate with Omnikey 3121 Reader

Post by XtrEmE » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:37 pm

I have Omnikey 3121 Reader by which I would like to connect with my card. Basically I already used smartcardio to do that, but my requests are always failed. Maybe I just don't understand it something.

As I know every card has "hello" method which I can get by sending request. By pyApdutool I've trying know the AID of my card. After connected, I tried get list of applets and I got information
"Connect successful.
List applets failed. Error: GP init update failed. recv: 6D 00"

The requests which use pyApdutool :
"<<00 A4 04 00 00
>>6F 1D 84 07 D2 76 00 00 28 FF 80 A5 12 9F 65 01 FF 81 07 D2 76 00 00 28 C4 02 82 03 01 01 02 90 00

<<80 50 00 00 08 63 DF 4F AF 1B CB 9A 51 1C
>>6D 00"

6D 00- Instruction code not supported or invalid

It's my first experience with cards and so far I know that before sending commands I have to select my applet. Maybe someone already got the error above and could give me advice. Or maybe there is different way to connect with card by Java?

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