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Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 12:16 pm
by sdellava
Hallo Javacaders,

I've tried this project from Dr. David Oswald (I wrote to hin too, but I get no answer at the moment):

I downloaded the .cap on a JC10M24R and other sold in the store, but the applet, but I get this error in installing:

INSTALL [for install and make selectable] failed: 0x6985 (Conditions of use not satisfied)

Then the command GP2 -I return:

Warning: no keys given, using default test key 404142434445464748494A4B4C4D4E4F
ISD: A0000001510000 (OP_READY)
Privs: SecurityDomain, CardLock, CardTerminate, CardReset, CVMManagement


Applet: C1C2C3C4C5C6C7C8

Any Idea for the install error cause?

Thanks, Stefano