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NDEF applet debugging

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 2:23 pm
by sdellava

I've modified the NDEF applet (openjavacard NDEF) to update the NDEF field when the applet is selected.

When I use the card with the pyApdutool I can correctly interact whit the applet using the standard NCF Forum TAG 4 command.

But when I use the smartphone it sound and do not respond. Even tools like NXP Tag Explorer are not able to complete the read procedure.

The problem is that sometime I'm able to see it working. It casually happens when I change the Applet UID, compile, install, change UID again, compile and install again.

I'm using this card:

I've seen the same issue with the original source from github, so I guess it is not an issue that comes from my changes.

I guess that debugging the applet (form android) can be useful but I can't find any valid tool. Any suggestion?