Our Online Store have the new products: RFID antenna board. Currently it can work with JC10M24R and JCOP4 card chips.
Compared with normal cards, the antenna board module has a smaller size and fixed holes, which is easy to integrate in the IOT(Internet Of Things) project.


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Post by JavaCardOS » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:00 am

The electronic identity(EID) card is a government-issued document for online and offline identification.This applet is different from the real card applet in the following aspects.

• All meaningful data on the card can be set to arbitrary values (within the size limits of the specification).
• All non-interesting data is static. All checks and restrictions (PIN etc) are optional and can be turned off or on by the cardholder.
• Cryptographic primitives can be mixed up at will, no checks of private keys vs certificates is made.
• Cryptographic material can be imported and exported as wanted.
• No defensive measures are implemented, only a “positive path” imitation.

"Specification" for v0.1

Interesting data (read-write):
• Authentication key
• Authentication certificate
• Signature key
• Signature certificate
• Personal data file as specified in original specification
• PIN1, PIN2 and PUK (all NOP)

Less interesting data (read-only):
• File identifiers that are used by baastarkvara

For more information about this Applet, please see the following files.
The Applet has been successfully compiled in JCIDE, and can be directly used after downloading.
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Re: FakeEstEIDApplet

Post by Tolice » Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:02 am

Except this JavaCard applet project, is there other tools to use together with the applet.

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