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Virtual Smartcard Driver

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Virtual Smartcard Driver

Post by schisskiss » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:14 am

i hope i dont post this into the wrong Topic, i have posted my question in many forums but no one could help me so i hope that here are people that can help me. I really need your help for my bachelor thesis. I wrote an application for windows and android so that i can use my phone as a Smartcard reader with the build in nfc. Both applications are connected via Bluetooth. I can connect my phone with the windows app and i can send ATR codes to the smartcard and receive the answer. But now i have tthe following problem: I want to provide this function to all Programms that can connect to Smartcards so that i dont have to buy a USB Smartcard reader. And i dont know how to program a Windows driver. I think a virtual driver should work that sends the data to my application and back to the program thats using it. So i hope somebody here can help me with this.


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