Build configuration in JCIDE 7

JCIDE is an Integrated Development Environment designed specifically for the Java Card programming language.

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Build configuration in JCIDE 7

Post by kuafu » Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:23 pm

JCIDE supports Java preprocessing, which is managed through build configuration options.
In the compile options, you can configure different JARS, different JCKit, different Chippack.Flexible configuration engineering with different macros allows you to gain the configuration benefits of C/C ++ engineering while retaining the language features of Javacard
For example, in an example project test, the debug compilation option is configured like this.
The Releae compilation option is different from the Debug compilation option in terms of Chippack, JAR, compiler, aid scheme, macros,
But they operate on the same set of code.How to edit compile options and macros
1. Add edit and compile options
2. Select the compile option in the build Config drop-down box
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