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ARA-M applet installation and configuration

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ARA-M applet installation and configuration

Post by mjalali1365 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:26 am

I'm currently trying to communicate with USIM cards inserted into a mobile phone using an android application and a typical USIM not registered to GSM network.
Android application I am using on my USIM is that I have compiled and installed successfully as AID: E0E1E2E3E4E501.
I have found that I need an Access Rule Application Master (ARA-M) applet which controls access requests of android applications to sim applets. I used applet as ARA-M but it needs some configurations showing which applet can be accessed by which android application. I could not configure it well. As a result, I migrated to which allows all android applications to access all USIM applets. I installed it successfully on my USIM but it is not still working. when I insert USIM into my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 5) and turn it on, OS prompts "Sim card is locked" message and when I open my Android application, as described above, it displays the same message and does not enter the app.

Does anyone know or have any related experiences on doing this type of Android Sim card communication?

Thank you for your guides,

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