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Communication protocol between SmartCardProxy and JCIDE

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Communication protocol between SmartCardProxy and JCIDE

Post by mbsysde99 » Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:26 am

I want to make an application like LoyaltyCardDemo.exe (add custom features, likes The number of currencies with many digits, Large balance, Changing the debit/credit calculation to int value to make it easier to calculate with many digits, add others features) with C#.

I want simulate communication between LoyaltyCardApplet.java running on JCIDE and LoyaltyCardDemo.exe.

To do the above, I tried to study the communication protocol between JCIDE and SmartCardProxy using the https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/smsniff-x64.zip application, to intercept the question data sent from SmartCardProxy to JCIDE and answer data from JCIDE to SmartCardProxy. I get the data changed during the communication process, look at picture bellow.

Where can I get the details of the communication protocol between JCIDE and SmartCardProxy?


Is possible to add feature like a transparent communication between SmartCardProxy and JCIDE? This will make it easier to me as a programmer to make simulations as per my requirement before running the applet on real your card. Thanks.

Question from SmartCardProxy to JCIDE

Answer of JCIDE to SmartCardProxy

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