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GidsApp User Guide - GidsApp certificate application process(3/7)

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GidsApp User Guide - GidsApp certificate application process(3/7)

Post by JavaCardOS » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:00 pm

    Before applying for the certificate, you need to set up smart card certificate management environment.

    There are two ways to apply for smart card certificate.

    The first way: Use InternetExplorer To apply for the certificate.

    1.Open Internet Explorer, enter the url which is used to issue smart card certificate (e.g. https://*.*.*.*/certsrv/certrqma.asp), press Enter. Select "Smartcard User" for Certificate Template option, and select "Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider" for CSP option.

    2.Click Submit. The Windows Security dialog box will pop up, please enter your initial PIN and click on OK.

    3.Click Yes.

    4.Click "Install this certificate" until the certificate is installed successfully.

    The second way: Use the certificate manager to apply for the certificate.

    1.On any PC in the domain, press "Win+R" keys to start "Run" dialog box, type "mmc" to open Console.

    2.Select "File -> Add/Remove Snap-in..."

    3.In the pop-up window, click"Certificates -> Add".

    4.Choose "My user account" and click "Finish" to open Certificates Manager.

    5.Click "OK".

    6."Personal", right click "Certificates -> All Tasks -> Request new Certificate":

    7.Click "Next".

    8.Select certificate authority and click "Next":

    9.Check "Smartcard User" templates, click"Properties" to modify the CSP and key length.

    10.Click "Private Key" tab and check V mark on the left side of option "Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider(Encryption)",also select Key size from the drop down list and click "OK".

    11.The configuration is completed. Click "Enroll" to issue certificate.

    12.Follow the prompt and enter your PIN, click "OK".

    14.After the certificate is successfully installed, click "Finish".

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