Our Online Store have the new products: RFID antenna board. Currently it can work with JC10M24R and JCOP4 card chips.
Compared with normal cards, the antenna board module has a smaller size and fixed holes, which is easy to integrate in the IOT(Internet Of Things) project.

Secure Email

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Secure Email

Post by Bob2002 » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:45 pm

Secure Email refers that sender encrypt the message with the recipient's digital certificate on condition that both of them have e-mail digital certificate.
So that email on the internet will not be stolen during transmission and only the recipient can read encrypted mail. Even if the messages are retained or the sender sent the wrong message, others can not see the content of the message, which ensures the security of communication between users.
It's an end to end secure email technology and ensures that the email content can not be modified in the entire process from being sent to being received.

Now, PGP and S / MIME are two proven end to end secure e-mail standards.

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