JCKit JAVACOS_7.1.0.0 released

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JCKit JAVACOS_7.1.0.0 released

Post by product » Sat Mar 13, 2021 4:52 am

Greetings all,

We are pleased to announce the release of JCKit JAVACOS_7.1.0.0.

Compared with the previous version, this version fixed some bugs and add some new features.

  • 1. Fixed the problem that something like byte x=2; x+=1; prompts an error when compiling with the Javac compiler
    2. Fixed the problem that the code error prompts that it cannot be used normally after 'set class to applet' or 'set applet to class'
    3. Fixed the bug that when opening the .java file separately (without opening the project) and then closing the JCIDE, it will prompt an error of 'null pointer'
    4. In the debugging process, when only one breakpoint is valid, the valid breakpoint cannot be removed
    5. Fixed the problem that when switching compilation options, the code in the macro scope uses the code reference search function to prompt the reference that cannot be found.
    6. Fixed the problem that JCIDE could not be started after JDT.LS crashed.
    7. Optimize the memory utilization of ‘replace all’ functions.
    8. The debugger fixes the problem of crash when the subclass object is assigned to the parent class object
  • 1. Add start prompt and end prompt, When building the project.
    2. Add the function of restarting debugging, this function will first close the current debugging, and then restart debugging

  • 1. Upgrade the eclipse open source component JDT.LS to version 0.70.
    2. Upgrade scintill from 4.xx to version 5.0
Download Link:
1. Download JCKit JAVACOS_7.1.0.0 from Google Drive.
2. Click Here to download it from the JavaCardOS website.

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