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Why is my breakpoint gone during load/run of applet?

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Why is my breakpoint gone during load/run of applet?

Post by typelogic » Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:30 am

In my small applet one file, only i can step-debug fine. But as soon as I added more plain java helper files, etc then my breakpoint is gone during load/run of applet. I mean, i can see the red circle for breakpoint when i press F9 but when I press "Go F5" the applets loads/installs fine but my breakpoint is gone. It didn't even hit into the 'install' method where it is supposed to be. I'm using 'JCIDE'.


I got used to Visual Studio where you can put breakpoints anywhere. In JCIDE, you have to put breakpoint to an instruction line , and not at an open brace. This issue is now resolved.

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