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Like to know AES Encryptation - AES 128 ECB

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Like to know AES Encryptation - AES 128 ECB

Post by autodiag » Thu Feb 04, 2021 10:33 pm


Id like to know if can help me about AES 128 ECB Encryptation and Decrypt


Key at MCU NECD70F3421 - Value is: 44304E354B463250CDB9B4CAB1B2ABB5
Input Data Eprom - Value is: 447C0C86B35D22B44D77E92B27800CFE
Decrypt will be result: a7ca97acfb071ad15623e8eb

Id like to know how can back from resut to Key only with result value and decrypt value.

See this website: http://www.cryptogrium.com/aes-encrypti ... e-ecb.html

Its use in dashboard at cars VW

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