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How to use pyGlobalPlatform to upload and install applet

pyGlobalPlatform is a open source python library of globalplatform client library.
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How to use pyGlobalPlatform to upload and install applet

Post by JavaCardOS » Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:35 am

Here is the code implementing how to upload and install applet into java card via pyGlobalPlatform.

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# Import the module
import globalplatformlib as gp

# EstablishContext
context = gp.establishContext()

# Select smartcard reader
readernames = gp.listReaders(context)

# Connect the reader
cardInfo = gp.connectCard(context, readerName, gp.SCARD_PROTOCOL_Tx)

# Get SCP details
scp, scpi = gp.getSCPDetails(context, cardInfo)

# Mutual Authentication
securityInfo = gp.mutualAuthentication(context, cardInfo, gp.DEFAULT_KEY, gp.DEFAULT_KEY, gp.DEFAULT_KEY, gp.DEFAULT_KEY, 0, 0, scp, scpi, 0, 0)

# Select CAP file
capFile = 'C:\\workspace\\bignumcalc\\bin\\com\\javacard\\bignumcalc\\javacard\\bignumcalc.cap'
loadFileInfo = gp.readExecutableLoadFileParameters(capFile)
packageAID = loadFileInfo['loadFileAID']
appletAID = loadFileInfo['applets'][0]

# Delete the same package which has been already in the card.
    ret = gp.deleteApplication(context, cardInfo, securityInfo, packageAID)
except Exception, e:
    print e.message

# Install the applet
ret = gp.installForLoad(context, cardInfo, securityInfo, packageAID, gp.AID_ISD, '', '', 0, 0, 0)
if ret == -1:
    raise Exception("Install for load failed.")
ret = gp.load(context, cardInfo, securityInfo, '', capFile)
if ret == -1:
    raise Exception("Load failed.")
ret = gp.installForInstall(context, cardInfo, securityInfo, packageAID, appletAID, appletAID, 0, 0, 0, 0, '')
if ret == -1:
    raise Exception("Install failed.")

# Release context

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Re: How to use pyGlobalPlatform to upload and install applet

Post by nobody2015 » Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:46 pm

Is there have the API function descriptions about this pyGlobalPlatform library?

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