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Some records in my reading Oath Applet

This project implement the HOTP/TOTP card functionality.

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Some records in my reading Oath Applet

Post by nobody2015 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:06 am

In OathObj.java file defines OathObj class [*]that defines the objects used in this applet. The instance of Each object contains the following variables:

name: In setName()function is assigned.
type: In SetKey()function is assigned.
digits: In setDigits()function is assigned.
counter: In SetKey()function is assigned to 0, and in calculate() function is changed.
imf: In SetImf()function is assigned.
active: In setActive()function is assigned.
inner/outer: In SetKey()function is assigned.

    The SetKey()function is called in handlePut() and handleChangeCode().
    Before sending APDU commands to JCRE, you must need to initialize these variables.

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Re: Some records in my reading Oath Applet

Post by JavaCardOS » Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:14 am

Yes, these redords can be initialized from handlePut() function, and the format of the APDU command can be "80010000 Lc 71 L V + 73 L V(KeyType + digits + Value) + 78 L + 7A L"

You have must send this APDU command first, before you do other operations.

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