VHBR Dual Interface Reader vR504

  • Mifare
  • ISO7816
  • ISO14443 TYPEA/B


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    • Smart Card Reader
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VHBR Dual Interface Reader vR504

VHBR Dual Interface Reader vR504 is a dual-interface smart card reader developed by Feitian Technologies. It is ble to support the world’s fastest electronic passports (ePassports), which implements the state-of-the-art VHBR (Very High Bit Rates) contactless technology required in ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) LDS 2.0 Standard. vR504 has promotes outstanding high-speed communication in both Reader-to-Card and Card-to-Reader direction

The Fastest Processing Speed perfect match for next-generation ePassport generations.The VHBR protocol improves the stability of contactless communication between the electronic passport and the corresponding reader. To be able to process immigration security checks as efficiently as possible despite the increased amount of data, the VHBR contactless technology enables eight times faster contactless processing speed by electronic readers. To the benefit of both travelers and airport operators, passport data can be read at fastest speed by contactless readers at electronic checkpoints in airports.

VHBR Dual Interface Reader vR504 - the Industry’s First VHBR CCID reader - offers maximum compatibility and flexibility.The USB CCID class driver reduces the need for hardware vendors to create a device-specific driver for smart card. Eliminating the need for a device-specific driver will potentially reduce the driver development cost,improve driver and system stability, reduce time to market, and lead to a simplified plug and play experience for customers using devices compliant with the USB Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices (CCID) Specification.


USB 2.0 Full Speed

Supply Voltage

USB Interface

Supply Current

<100mA (Without Card Plug-in)

Operating Temperature



≤90% No condensation


4.72*3.15*1.01 inches (120*80*25.6mm)





EMV 2000 level 1

Contactless Communication Distance

VHBR Card, Type A/B card(0-30mm), Mifare card(0-45mm), it depends on card.

Standards & Specifications


ISO/IEC 7816 T0 and T1


MIFARE standard MIFARE S50、MIFARE S70、MIFARE Ultralight C

GSM 11.11

Supported Contact Cards

Under-pressure deck

Support 1x full size card

Support T0/T1/Class A,B,C card

Support GSM11.11 standard SAM slot

Card Clock Frequency: 4MHz

Read-Write Speed:10753bps~344086bps

Supported Contactless Cards

Built-in antenna

Support ISO 14443 standard (Type A and B)

Support Mifare contactless card

Card Clock Frequency: 13.56MHz

Card Read/Write Speed: 106kbps

Support Bit rate, PCD to PICC up to 6.8M(fc/2), PICC to PCD up to 3.4M(fc/4)

Supported OS

Windows2000/xp/2003/Vista/2008/windows 7/Windows 8

Linux Kernel 2.6+ (FC14 X64,ubuntu9.10,ubuntu10.04,ubuntu11.10,openSUSE11.3 X64)

Mac OS X