Java Card J3H145 (JCOP 3 SECID P60)

  • SHA384/512
  • DES/3DES
  • RSA
  • ECC
  • AES
  • 132K EEPROM


  • Color:
  • Type:
    • Smart Card
  • Quantity:
    - +

JCOP Card J3H145 (JCOP 3 SECID P60)

JCOP Card J3H145 developed by NXP is an implementation of the Java Card 3.0.4 classic edition and GlobalPlatform Card Specification 2.2.1. It has up to 132K EEPROM available for user (Total EEPROM: 145K, OS has occupied some memory) and supports dual interface.The J3H145 card comes with fast contactless communication and up-to-date cryptography standards.

We also provide customization services implementing a variety of algorithms or features on multi-platform. Please contact for more details.


RSA 512bits up to 2048bits/4096bits*

AES 128bits, 192bits, 256bits



ECC FP 160 bits to 521 bits


ISO/IEC 7816-3

ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

Java Card 3.0.4 Classic


Communication Protocol

Contact interface supports T=0* and T=1

Contactless interface supports Type A

Communication Speeds

106 kbit/s (default)

212 kbit/s

424 kbit/s

848 kbit/s


EEPROM: 132K/122.5K

RAM: 3.7K/2.8K

Default ATR: 3B 9E 95 81 01 41 4A 43 4F 53 01 45 48 54 01 52 00 56 00 82

Support Delegated Management

Secure Channel Protocol:02


Card printing service

SIM cutting service

*  These functions are not supported by default, but can be customized. Please contact for more details.