Java Card Development Kit


Java Card Developement Kit (JCKit) including JCIDE and pyApdutool, provides a complete,powerful development environment for java card developers. It lets you quickly and easily develop Java Card Applet. This page contains links to download the Java Card Development Kit. Moreover,this tool is completely free.


  • JCKit Classic Version v1.0.5.39
  • JCKit Release Version v7.3.0.0

Note:   JCKit includes JCIDE and pyApduTool.


JCIDE is an Integrated Development Environment designed specifically for the Java Card programming language.

JCIDE Screen Shot: Click to zoom in

Major Function:

Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence-- Write code faster :

Auto-completion, call tips, goto-definition, find uses, source browser, code indices, and symbol lookup.
Powerful Editor

Powerful Editor -- Find and fix bugs quickly :

Visual studio key bindings, bookmarks, variable highlighting powerful search tools, and much more.
Powerful Editor

Graphical Debugger -- Navigate code with ease :

Debug shell, set breakpoints, step, local view, call stack, memory, byte code.
Powerful Editor

Integration Testing -- Find and fix bugs quickly :

1. Executing scripts through debug shell. 2. Allow any PC/SC compliant application connect to JCIDE and receive response from JCIDE with integrated virtual PC/SC interface.


The pyApduTool is a handy tool which can communicate with the card via the reader connected to PC. It is a PC/SC compliant application.

JCIDE Screen Shot: Click to zoom in

Major Function:

  • Communicate with the card
  • Manage the packages/applets in the card
  • Integration Testing
  • Lookup SW
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