Fingerprint recognition is a biometric technology which can be used in various authentication systems. This system has two main functions: register fingerprint and fingerprint verification.

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1. Smart Card Reader R502 * 1

2. Figureprint scanner Futronic FS88H * 1 : install the drive

3. Java Card A40CR * 1  : upload and install applet into the card



1. Start the program

Start fpdemo.exe and select smart card reader "Feitian R502 Contact Reader 0"

There will be a prompt if you select the wrong card or smart card reader. Change the card or reader and then reconnect.

2. Enrol FingerPrint

Select "Enrol" and put your finger on the scanner to register fingerprint.

3. Match Fingerprint

After registering successfully, click "Match" button to match fingerprint.It will also shows matching results.

Figure 2 shows the result that fingerprint match successfully.

Figure 3 shows that fingerprint failed to match.

Figure 2

Figure 3


Here are the function of each part.

1. The fingerprint scanner is responsible for collecting fingerprints.

2. fpdemo.exe displays the fingerprints collected and transmits fingerprint data to the card. The card confirms if the fingerprints match successfully and returns the judgement result. Then software displays the matching results.

3. The card analyses the fingerprint data and give the final matching results.

Video Demo

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