A Java Implementation of MRTD(Machine Readable Travel Documents) standards as specified by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The electronic passport (ePassport), which by now has been introduced in many countries, is an implementation of these standards.ePassport supports creating passport and reading passport. It consists of an API for card terminal software and a Java Card applet.


applet AID: 0xA0:0x00:0x00:0x02:0x47:0x10:0x01

package AID: 0xA0:0x00:0x00:0x02:0x47:0x10


1.Apdu Tool
  • Specific Operation:
    • Hardware: 1* R502 dual interface reader, 1* A40CR card.
    • Software: Java runtime 1.6
    • Upload package to card and install: Use pyApduTool to download the passport package into A40CR card, you can see the above figure
2. Create Passport
create passport
  • Operation:
    • Run " ePassportDemo.bat" to open the terminal softwar.
    • In the "Main "window, select "File" -> "New" to create a new passport. open the "Generate HTML Files...
    • In the "Edit document" window, input the information about the passport you want to create , you can see the above figure.
    • Select "Tools" -> "Delete portrait" to delete the portrait and select "Tools" -> "Import portrait" to import a new portrait from file.
    • In Tools menu, click "Generate AA keys" to generate a new pair of active authentication keys.
    • Click "Tools" -> "Upload passport", in the following window select the used smartcard reader and confirm the, DoB and doE, then press "Upload" button to upload this passport to passport applet in java card. see the following figure.
    • Now, the new passport has been created successfully.
3. Read Passport
read passport
  • Operation:
    • When the terminal software opened and the passport on contactless smartcard reader, the software will automatically connect card reader and read the information of current passport , and display, as shown in the above
    • Note: Read a passport for the first time, you need to input the Passport Number, Date of Birth and Date of Expiry for the read permissions.


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