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JCOP J3H145 card*1pc + A40CR card*2pcs = $5.00

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:40 am
by admin
Dear all,

Excited to tell you that our welfare activity has been upgraded - Paying only $5.00 + Freight to get JCOP J3H145 card and A40CR card.

Card list: 1pc J3H145 card + 2pcs A40CR card.
The original price for the above card samples is $70.99, but now you only need to pay $5.00 for these.

Want to get the great card samples with $5.00? JUST INVITE 3 PEOPLE TO REGISTER JavaCardOS FORUM AND ACTIVATE ACCOUNT.

How to Invite Others

1. Click your username at top right corner and select Profile in the drop down list.

2. In Profile page, copy the Invite Link and send it to the people you want to invite.

3. Once 3 people finish the registering via your invite link and activating their accounts, you will be qualified for the great samples with only $5.00

At the bottom of Profile page, you can check the invite Log.

After you complete the task, please send email to They will send the samples to you and you only need to pay $5.00 + shipping cost.

Moreover, if you want to get Free Samples by Paying Freight only , please check this page.

-The JavaCardOS Team