NXP NTAG216 NFC Key Fob Tags 4 color in 1 package (ABS Epoxy)

  • ISO14443
  • NTAG216


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    • NFC Product
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NXP NTAG series(213/215/216) Key Fob Tags(ABS Epoxy)

NTAG213, NTAG215, and NTAG216 (also called NTAG21x) developed by NXP® Semiconductors as standard NFC tag ICs are widely used in mass-market applications such as retail, gaming, and consumer electronics.

NTAG21X strictly comforms to NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 Type A specifications.NFC tag can work with NFC devices or NFC compliant Proximity Coupling Devices.


888 bytes

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Operation Frequency


Operating Distance

up to 100 mm (depending on various parameters, e.g. field strength and antenna geometry)

Data Transfer Rate

106 kbit/s

Data Integrity

16-bit CRC, parity, bit coding, bit counting

Operating Temperature

- 20 ℃ ~+ 55 ℃,( Humidity: 90%)

Write Endurance

>100000 cycles

Data Storage Time

>10 years


diameter 35mm




ISO/IEC 14443A

Applications Scenario

Out-of-Home smart advertisement

Goods and device authentication

Call request


Call to action

Voucher and coupons

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing

Connection handover

Product authentication

Mobile companion tags

Electronic shelf labels

Business cards