360 Phone’s Q5 and Q5 Plus models embark PEARL by OT® eSE

OT (Oberthur Technologies), a leading global provider of embedded security software products and services, today announces that 360 Group, a leading Internet, mobile and security company in China, selected OT’s embedded secure element (eSE), PEARL by OT®, to enable mobile security services on their newly launched Q5 and Q5 Plus smartphones.

Launched by 360 Group in June last year, the 360 Phone brand is already very popular in China with already over 4M smartphones delivered as of end 2015.

With already 225Mu+ deployments worldwide, PEARL by OT® offers a banking-grade security level thanks to an EAL5+ and EMVCo certified component with the largest memory available on the market. This unique multi-application platform also supports access control, biometrics and secure storage use-cases. It is the safest possible place to store and process confidential user information and to execute sensitive applications.

Thanks to PEARL by OT®, 360 Phone is protecting credentials and data applications against software and hardware attacks, ensuring that Q5 and Q5 Plus mobile devices are strongly authenticated and that information stored on the eSE and exchanged over networks remains protected to ensure users’ data integrity and confidentiality, starting with their fingerprints and passwords.

“With the growing trend of smartphones being used as payment devices or storing and processing sensitive biometric data, users’ authentication, data protection and privacy are increasingly critical for our OEM* customers. We are very pleased that a leading Chinese company such as 360 Phone selected our eSE, PEARL by OT®, to secure mobile services on its flagship smartphones.” said Pierre Barrial, Managing Director of the Connected Device Makers activity at OT.

“As we wanted to deliver the highest security level to Q5 and Q5 Plus users, it was really important for us to rely on an embedded Secure Element expert such as OT. Their eSE enables us to offer unattained levels of security and privacy protection to 360 Phone customers.” said Alan Lau, VP at 360 Phone.

* Original Equipment Manufacturers

OT is a world leader in embedded digital security that protects you when you connect, authenticate or pay.

OT is strategically positioned in high growth markets and offers embedded security software solutions for “end-point” devices as well as associated remote management solutions to a huge portfolio of international clients, including banks and financial institutions, mobile operators, authorities and governments, as well as manufacturers of connected objects and equipment.

OT employs over 6 500 employees worldwide, including almost 700 R&D people. With a global footprint of 4 regional secure manufacturing hubs and 39 secure service centers, OT’s international network serves clients in 169 countries.

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