Feitian digital currency fingerprint hardware wallet CoinPass Bio officially released

Feitian released the industry’s first block chain hardware wallet product CoinPass Bio on September 23rd during the Global Block Chain Summit in Shanghai. Feitian provided professional and complete security solution for protecting digital assets

In the year of 2009, Nakamoto proposed the concept of Bitcoin. As its underlying technology, the block chain has rapidly covered many industries such as financial and information security in recent years. The block chain technology is being widely experimentation and implementation in digital currency, payment and settlement, credit financing, equity interest, securities, bills, financial transactions, credit, supply chain, insurance, public welfare, artificial intelligence, big data and other industries. In the field of Bitcoin, security incidents occur frequently. Recently, hackers successfully attacked the Bitcoin trading platform and caused irreparable loss for Bitcoin holders. The platform has thus closed. The key protection for digital currency is imminent.

The block chain technology could be centerless or multicenter, data maintenance and high transparency, while reducing levels of end-to-end transfer. More people accept, believe and start to use it to build new financial, livelihood and social service system. Feitian has been focused on advanced technology and experience in the field of security so that it could explore and develop the industry’s first block chain hardware wallet product CoinPass Bio.

Just like other information technologies, in block chain, data is also the basic elements and value is reflected by data. The block chain technology could build the system of data producing, using, transfer and storage. In this system, the most important feature is that the data can not be tampered with or forged, which means that the data needs anti-tampering and forgery process when producing and using. The process is data summary and signature. Most block chain technologies have followed the mature public and private key asymmetric cryptography system for data summary and signature under the security and using experience consideration for verification of the validity, effectiveness and safety. As a result, the private key security has become the fundamental of block chain security. In many current block chain applications, the common solution is to store the private key in application software or service provider's servers and it will be used through software or server directly. This could often meet the needs of application when the security level is not high. But when the block chain application and assets, especially large assets are closely related, the private key security solutions like that will become the target of hackers.

The first digital currency hardware wallet that Feitian released supports for fingerprint biometric identification.The product has secure chip platform and security protection mechanisms the same level as EMVCo and CC EAL4+ which makes it substantial increase in anti-attack capability. Feitian digital currency hardware wallet product supports a variety of applications based on block chain and comprehensive supports for multiple security algorithms. The users could flexible switch to the application currently in use through simple configuration. CoinPass Bio also supports multiple communication interfaces to meet the needs of all the PC and mobile users. The digital currency hardware wallet can quickly enter the market and provide full service for digital currency applications.

For block chain applications in other fields, digital assets need complete security solutions. Both server and service provider keys need to be stored and protected by hardware when the security level is high. It also needs to be used in hardware. The rules of building blocks or methods of using data, namely the intelligent contracts in block chain, need to be safety stored and used by hardware.