Feitian Disney transportation card issued in Beijing

Recently, Feitian has reached a cooperation agreement with Beijing Public Transport Card Company which means that Feitian Disney transportation card formally issued in Beijing. This is another big city with large transportation card demands after Shanghai.

There are more than 1500 kilometers subway lines and thousands of bus lines with about 25 million visits every day on public transportation in Beijing. The carrying capacity of public transport is amazing. With the development of the integration of the Beijing Tianjin and Hebei region, the public transport capacity as well as the transportation card demands will be greater. It’s known that Feitian has issued soft plastic cards of five figures which are Mickey, Minnie, Spider man, Captain America and Baymax this time. In Beijing, the general transportation card is standard blue card before. Feitian Disney cards will bring tens of thousands of public transport passengers totally different travel experience.

Feitian Disney transportation cards have spread across China since Feitian won Disney’s only authorized in the field of China transportation cards in May last year. Within only 1 year, Feitian Disney cards have been successively sold in more than 20 cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and so on. It’s really a hot scene that Mickey, Minnie, Baymax, Spider man etc. transportation cards are out of stock as soon as issued in many cities.

In addition to the classic characters, Feitian will also design more cards based on the current popular Disney movie information to meet the various needs of different groups. Feitian also made strict control on the materials. By using clean environmental materials, Feitian ensures the absolute safety from production to consumption. Feitian will also give the customers more various choices by producing different cards such as standard cards, mini cards, soft plastic cards, epoxy cards and so on.