Feitian FT-JCOS Java Platform, COS approved by EMVCo

Feitian recently passed the strict test from EMVCo Platform and obtained approved Card Operating System.

EMV is a global payment specification organization, and its shareholders come from VISA, MasterCard, China UnionPay, American Express, JCB, Discovery. EMV manages relevant specifications and approval procedure to enhance the global payment system security, and tries to bring more secure technology to payment platform. EMVCo is the top level standard for the smart card products and EMVCo is essential for such products to enter the global market.

Nowadays, mobile payment has increased dramatically, and that brings new security problem for simple and convenient payment on Smartphone and Tablet. For this new market, Feitian has invested a lot to expand its smart card products line and acquired relevant companies to build up its own Manufacture Base. With R&D , Factory and Sales team in hand, it will be easier for Feitian to control the business chain to compete with other company.

The current product portfolio from Feitian consists of Software Lock, USB KEY, OTP, and as a new smart card company, Feitian is ready to provide the best IT security solutions not only to financial clients but also any clients from different fields. With EMVCo certificate, Feitian will put more resources for innovation and optimize the smart card services.

About Feitian
Since its foundation in 1998, Feitian has focused on the innovation and development of the intelligent authentication industry. So far, Feitian has provided high-quality products and services for more than 6,000 customers and 180 banks all over the world. Feitian is one of the leading intelligent authentication products suppliers.