Giesecke & Devrient Showcases Digital Banking Portfolio at Money20/20 Europe

Munich, April 1, 2016 – At the Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) will showcase its Digital Banking Services including Convego Hub and CloudPay, its consumer-centric services such as instant issuance, its mobile application platform Convego AppWorld, and its digital identity services.

“Money 20/20 Europe is the perfect platform for us to showcase our omni-channel solutions for banks,” said Edgar Salib, Group Senior Vice President Financial Institutions division at G&D Mobile Security. “The continuous growth of mobile payment and banking requires a combination of instant services and the highest security in all channels. We have been among the first providers of omni-channel solutions for banks, speeding up the digitalization of banking services and empowering financial institutions to enhance their customers’ experience.”

Salib went on to point out that the high growth figures both in mobile and contactless card deployments, evidenced by several market studies, have proven the benefits of contactless payment that make the everyday life of consumers more convenient. “G&D’s solutions for contactless payment, such as Convego CloudPay, have a proven track record by now as those have been implemented at several banks already. We provide the leading solution for mobile payment and HCE-enabled Android devices, with MasterCard, Visa as well as AMEX accreditation. Our solutions make payment really easy for the consumer, with fast provisioning in under 10 seconds and immediate payment execution. All consumers have to do to pay is to tap their payment card or phone.”

The Head of the Financial Institutions division at G&D sees another area of growth for G&D in remote payments: “Connectivity is available in every corner of the world. Consumers, once they have their payment credentials securely and conveniently stored on their phone, can easily pay through apps or alternatively via mobile web browsers. This will most likely change the payment landscape even more fundamentally than any contactless way of payment before.”