Giesecke & Devrient with Focus on Ticketing for Urban Mobility at the UITP 2015 in Milan

Munich, June 8, 2015 - Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is focusing on ticketing for urban mobility at the 2015 biennial world congress and exhibition of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). The German technology company will be showcasing secure ticketing solutions for the growing need for mobility, among them contactless cards, tickets, and services, and new solutions such as secure Ultra-High-Frequency (UHF) and mobile ticketing solutions.

"Public transport must become more efficient and adapt to changing expectations", said Axel Deininger, Head of the Enterprise Security/OEM division in the Mobile Security business unit at G&D. "Customers expect the same service and flawless performance from public transport that they expect from any other business. Maybe even more so, since many customers depend on public transport every working day of their lives. We have been addressing these challenges by supplying public transit operators worldwide with contactless cards, tickets and services for the automated fare collection systems since the mid-90s. Over 50 million passengers trust us every day in metropolises like Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Beijing or Melbourne."

As one of the founding members of the OSPT Alliance (Open Standard Public Transport), G&D is presenting the new product family of the CIPURSE Security Solutions at the UITP 2015. "CIPURSE is an open standard highly flexible transport and ticketing application on a single card or mobile device. The new comprehensive product family concept features tailor-made CIPURSE products for different applications such as authentication or closed-loop payment functions, access to events, loyalty programs, and couponing. G&D recently introduced the first commercially available NFC SIM card compliant with the open CIPURSE standard, and expects to receive CIPURSE certification from Keolabs for its contactless ID-1 CIPURSE card soon,explained Andreas Johne, OSPT Board Member.