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GidsAPP User Guide


GidsApp is a java card applet which is widely used in identification field. GidsApp provides digital signature, smartcard logon function and so on to ensure user identity and the integrity of digital information. It can be used without driver installation since windows 7 SP1.

This article shows how to download and configure GidsApp on smart card and how to use GidsApp to add digital signatures in Microsoft Office Word 2007.





         Firstly, please follow this topicto download and install Gids Applet into java card via PyApduTool.



Make sure that GidsApp has been download and installed successfully on the card. Then use OpenSC tool to perform card personalization.

Click here to know more details about personalized operation steps.

   2.Apply for Certificate

Before applying for the certificate, you need to set up smart card certificate management environment?

There are two ways to apply for smart card certificate.

Click here to know more details.


   1.Sign Office Document with GidsApp.

Click here to know more details.

    Note.Common Problems and Solutions.

  • Cannot find the signature.Click here .
  • Insert a smart card. Click here .

   2.Remote desktop smart card logon.

Enable remote desktop on any PC. Use smart card credential to logon,You need to pay attention Target PC should exist in the same domain with certificate server.

Click here to know more details.

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