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11.2.1 Installation Parameters

The format of the input data passed to the target applet's install method in the bArray parameter is as follows:

bArray[offset] = length(Li) of instance AID

bArray[offset+1..offset+Li] = instance AID bytes (5-16 bytes)

bArray[offset+Li+1]= length(Lc) of control info

bArray[offset+Li+2..offset+Li+Lc+1] = control info

bArray[offset+Li+Lc+2] = length(La) of applet data

bArray[offset+Li+Lc+3..offset+Li+Lc+La+2] = applet data

Any of the length items: Li, Lc, La may be zero. If length Li is non-zero, the instance AID bytes item is the proposed AID of the applet instance.

The control info item of the parameter data is implementation dependent and is specified by the Installer.

Other than the need for the entire parameter data to not be greater than 127 bytes, the Java Card API does not specify anything about the contents of the applet data item of the global byte array installation parameter. This is fully defined by the applet designer and can be in any format desired. In addition, the applet data portion is intended to be opaque to the Installer.

Java Card RE implementers should design their Installers so that it is possible for an installation program running in a CAD to specify the applet data delivered to the Installer. The Installer simply forwards this along with the other items in the format defined above to the target applet's install method in the bArray parameter. A typical implementation might define a Java Card RE implementer-proprietary APDU command that has the semantics “call the applet's install method passing the contents of the accompanying applet data.”

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