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4.4 Opening and Closing Logical Channels

According to Section 5.5.2 of the ISO 7816-4 Specification, the following two ways to open a logical channel in the smart card exist:

1. By selecting an applet instance on a new logical channel. This is accomplished by issuing an Applet SELECT FILE APDU command, and specifying the logical channel number in the CLA byte of the command. If this logical channel is currently closed, it shall be opened, and the specified applet instance shall be selected. See Section 4.5.2, Applet Selection with SELECT FILE.

2. By issuing a MANAGE CHANNEL OPEN APDU command. MANAGE CHANNEL commands are provided to open a logical channel from another logical channel, or to close a logical channel from another logical channel. See Section 4.4.1, MANAGE CHANNEL Command Processing.

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