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6.1.4 Object Access

In general, an object can only be accessed by its owning context, that is, when the owning context is the currently active context. The firewall prevents an object from being accessed by another applet in a different context.

In implementation terms, each time an object is accessed, the object's owner context is compared to the currently active context. If these do not match, the access is not performed and a SecurityException is thrown.

An object is accessed when one of the following bytecodes is executed using the object's reference:

getfield, putfield, invokevirtual, invokeinterface,

athrow, aload, astore, arraylength, checkcast, instanceof

refers to the various types of array bytecodes, such as baload and sastore.

This list includes any special or optimized forms of these bytecodes implemented in the Java Card VM, such as getfield_b and getfield_s_this.

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