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7.5 Tear or Reset Transaction Failure

If power is lost (tear) or the card is reset or some other system failure occurs while a transaction is in progress, the Java Card RE shall restore to their previous values all fields and array components conditionally updated since the previous call to JCSystem.beginTransaction.

This action is performed automatically by the Java Card RE when it reinitializes the card after recovering from the power loss, reset, or failure. The Java Card RE determines which of those objects (if any) were conditionally updated, and restores them.

Note - The contents of an array component that is updated using the Util.arrayCopyNonAtomic method or the Util.arrayFillNonAtomic method while a transaction is in progress are not predictable following a tear or reset during that transaction.

Note - Object space used by instances created during the transaction that failed due to power loss or card reset can be recovered by the Java Card RE.

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