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8.2.2 Method Invocation

To request a method invocation, the CAD client provides the following information:

  • The remote object identifier. This identifier is used to uniquely identify the object on the card.
  • The invoked method identifier. This designator uniquely identifies the remote method within the remote object class or superclass.
  • The values of the arguments. These values are raw values for primitive data types, and for arrays, a length followed by the values.

The response to the invocation request may include one of the following items:

  • A primitive return value. This is a raw primitive data type value.
  • An array of primitive components. This is a length followed by the raw primitive data type values.
  • A remote object reference descriptor. The descriptor includes the remote object identifier and information to instantiate a proxy instance of the remote card object.
  • An exception. This is thrown by the remote method.
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