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4.3.3 The Export File and Conversion

An export file contains entries for externally visible items in the package. Each entry holds the item's name and its token. Some entries may include additional information as well. For detailed information on the export file format, see Chapter 5, “The Export File Format”.

The export file is used to map names for imported items to tokens during package conversion. The Java Card converter uses these tokens to represent references to items in an imported package.

For example, during the conversion of the class files of applet A, the export file of javacard.framework is used to find tokens for items in the API that are used by the applet. Applet A creates a new instance of framework class OwnerPIN. The framework export file contains an entry for javacard.framework.OwnerPIN that holds the token for this class. The converter places this token in the CAP file's constant pool to represent an unresolved reference to the class. The token value is later used to resolve the reference on a device.

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