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javacard:jcvm: interface_info Items


The superinterfaces[] item of the interface_info structure is an array of class_ref structures representing the superinterfaces of this interface. The class_ref structure is defined as part of the CONSTANT_Classref_info structure ( Section 6.7.1, CONSTANT_Classref). This array is empty if this interface has no superinterfaces. Both direct and indirect superinterfaces are represented in the array. Class Object is not included.


The interface_name[] item represents interface name information required if the interface is remote. The interface_name[] item is defined by a interface_name_info structure. If the value of the ACC_REMOTE flag is zero, the structure is defined as:

 interface_name_info { 

If the value of the ACC_REMOTE flag is one, the structure is defined as:

The values in the interface_name_info structure are defined as follows:


The interface_name_length item is the number of bytes in interface_name[] item.


The item is a variable length representation of the name of this interface in UTF-8 format.

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