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Loyalty Card

1. Overview

Loyalty Card is a kind of digital wallet, which is a popular marketing strategy in current commercial activities.It can encourage your customers to keep shopping at your businesses. This solution supports pre-deposit, consumption, balance inquiries, points inquiries and so on.It is mainly used in large chain stores, supermarkets, hotels, cinemas, KTV, high-level clubs and other consuming places.

Note: This demo application is only for showing you briefly how to use Loyalty Card. If you have concrete requirement about this, please feel free to contact us at .

2. Major function

Loyalty Card Demo includes Applet on card and outside card application. This article shows you the functions from issuing card to consuming.

  • Issue Card: Shopping malls, supermarkets and other consuming places will makespecific initialization for the card before giving cards to their customers. Here are the main operations at this stage: download and install LoyaltyCardApplet into card and set password for the card.
  • Change PIN: Change password for the card.
  • Credit: Increase the card balance. You can transfer from your main bank account or deposit cash into the card. The money will be stored as digital currency for you to consume.
  • Purchase : After customers complete the payment via Loyalty card, deduct the amount from the balance and accumulate the corresponding points as well.
  • Get Balance: Check balance after consumption.
  • Get Points: Check accumulated points.

Note: Password is required when you deposit, consume, or change PIN.

3. Usage Guide


1. Smart Card Reader R502 .

2. Java Card JC30M48CR .

3. LoyaltyCardDemo (including LoyaltyCard applet, CAP file and outside card application).

Start LoyaltyCardDemo.exe.

  • Connect Card: Click“Connect Card” tab and select the card reader from the drop_down list and connect card.

Note: In “Issue Card” process, LoyaltyCardApplet will be downloaded and installed into card automatically.

  • Issue Card: Click “Issue Card” tab and select “Key File”(key.dat by default). Set the password for the card and click Submit. Then issue card progress is finished.

Note: Before you do the follow-up operations, you must complete issuing card firstly.

  • Change PIN: Click “Change PIN”. Please enter “Old PIN”, “New PIN”, “New PIN(Again)”, then click “Change PIN” button.

  • “Credit”,enter the amount and card password and click “Credit”.

  • Purchase: Click “Purchase” tab and enter the consumption amount and card password, click “Purchase”. The application will deduct the corresponding amount from the balance and record the points at the meantime.

Note: Points rule in this demo - Get 1 point upon each dollar spent.

  • Get Balance: Click “Get Balance”, the current balance will be displayed below.

  • Get Points: Select “Get Points”,the current points will be displayed below.

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