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R502 SPY Reader Upgrade Manual

Three steps to upgrade R502 SPY reader: 1. Read R502 SPY device information; 2. Send the device information to to get upgrade file; 3. Use the file to upgrade R502 SPY reader.

1. Read R502 SPY device information

In R502 SPY Updater dialog box, click “Get Device Info” button.

The Device Info dialog box will pop up. Click “Get Device Info”, and the device information will be displayed in the edit box.

2. Use R502 SPY device info to get upgrade file

Copy device info, send this information to .

R502 SPY reader upgrade file will be sent to your email box by .

3. Use the file to upgrade R502 SPY reader

Click “ Update with file ” in R502 SPY Updater dialog box.

In the “Update With File”dialog box, select upgrade file, click “Update Now” to upgrade the reader.


For any question, please contact .

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