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Card Quantity Production

This tool is a semi-automated production tool for a small quantity of smartcards production.



1. Smart Card Reader R502* n

2. Java Card A40CR* n :

3. USB Hub * 1 :



1. Connect the smartcard readers to computer via the USB Hub, as figure shows.

2. Open Card Quantity Production Tool: Double click “ProductionTool.exe” to open the production tool, a new dialog box will pop-up.

3. In the new dialog box, select the corresponding smartcard readers.

4. According to the message on the dialog, Put cards on the readers, then the automatic production will start, as figure shows.

5. The production progress bar of each card are displayed on the interface. Such as, blue indicates there is no card in the smartcard reader, yellow indicates that the production is underway, green indicates the production has been completed, red indicates the card production is failed, as figure shows.

6. After the card is produced successfully, you need to remove and place new cards, this tool will automatically proceed to the next batch production.

7. You can also click “Details …” button to view the details.

8. Click here for more details about Card Quantity Production Tool.


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