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Mifare clone 1K is a kind of Mifare Classic product,which offers 1024 bytes of data storage. It supports UID modification and Mifare Classic card cloning. Sector 0 can be repeatedly rewritable.

Mifare clone 1K can be applied to entrance guard system, hotel locks, staff attendance, school campus access, payment control, identification, security systems, parking lot entry and payment, social security management, transportation payment, municipal and ancillary service payment.

IMPORTANT: To modify UID and clone card, Mifare clone 1K must be used in conjunction with R502 SPY and pyResMan ! Please don't use for illegal purposes! Otherwise all the consequences caused are borne by its own users.




Note: Please download pyResMan from or gitHub .

Function Introduction

1.Dump Card.
2.Save Data to File.
3.Load Data from File.
4.Clone Data.
5.Change UID.


ConnectR502 SPY to computer via USB cable and put Mifare Clone 1K on R502 SPY . Double click pyResMan.exe .

Select “Feitian R502 SPY 0” from the ReaderName dropdown list and click “Connect” button to connect the smart card reader.

Dump Card

Switch to “Mifare” tab , click “Dump Card” to read the card data.

Save Data To File

After “Dump Card” , click “Save Data To File…” button to save the data.

Load Data From File

Please click “Clear Data” to empty the displayed data firstly, then click “Load Data From File…”, select the saved data file and click “Ok” or double click the saved data file directly.

Clone Card

Put the source card on R502 SPY,click “Dump Card” . When the prompt “Dump card data successed” appears, it indicates the data has been read successfully, as the below figure shows.

Put another card on “R502 SPY ”, click “Clone Card” button to clone card.

To verify whether the cloning operation is successful, please click “Clear Data” and“Dump Card” if the displayed data is same with the data of source card, it indicates that the cloning is successful.

Change UID

Type 4 bytes UID valuethat you want to set in the “UID” textbox and then click “Change UID”.

You can see it prompts“Mifare card UID changed. From 01020304 to 11223344”.

To verify whether the ChangeUID operation is successful, Please click on the “dump Card” button, after the UID has been changed, it indicates that the UID modification is successful.

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