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4.2.2 AID Usage

In the Java platform, packages are uniquely identified using Unicode strings and a naming scheme based on internet domain names. In the Java Card platform, packages and applets are identified using AIDs.

Any package that is represented in an export file must be assigned a unique AID. The AID for a package is constructed from the concatenation of the company's RID and a PIX for that package. This AID corresponds to the string name for the package, as shown in FIGURE 4-1.


Each applet installed on a Java Card technology enabled device must also have a unique AID. This AID is constructed similarly to a package AID. It is a concatenation of the applet provider's RID and PIX for that applet. An applet AID must not have the same value as the AID of any package or the AID of any other applet. The RID of each applet in a package must be the same as the RID of the package.

Custom components defined in a CAP file are also identified using AIDs. Like AIDs for applets and packages, component AIDs are formed by concatenating a RID and a PIX.

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