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1.3 Java Language Security

One of the fundamental features of the Java virtual machine is the strong security provided in part by the class file verifier. Many devices that implement the Java Card platform may be too small to support verification of CAP files on the device itself. This consideration led to a design that enables verification on a device but does not rely on it. The data in a CAP file that is needed only for verification is packaged separately from the data needed for the actual execution of its applet. This allows for flexibility in how security is managed in an implementation.

There are several options for providing language-level security on a Java Card technology-enabled device. The conceptually simplest is to verify the contents of a CAP file on the device as it is downloaded or after it is downloaded. This option might only be feasible in the largest of devices. However, some subset of verification might be possible even on smaller devices. Other options rely on some combination of one or more of: physical security of the installation terminal, a cryptographically enforced chain of trust from the source of the CAP file, and pre-download verification of the contents of a CAP file.

The Java Card platform standards say as little as possible about CAP file installation and security policies. Since smart cards must serve as secure processors in many different systems with different security requirements, it is necessary to allow a great deal of flexibility to meet the needs of smart card issuers and users.

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