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javacard:jcvm: Remote Classes and Remote Interfaces

A class is remote if it or any of its superclasses implements a remote interface.

A remote interface is an interface which satisfies the following requirements:

  • The interface name is java.rmi.Remote or the interface extends, directly or indirectly, the interface java.rmi.Remote.
  • Each method declaration in the remote interface or its super-interfaces includes the exception java.rmi.RemoteException (or one of its superclasses) in its throws clause.
  • In a remote method declaration, if a remote object is declared as a return type, it is declared as the remote interface, not the implementation class of that interface.

In addition, Java Card RMI imposes additional constraints on the definition of remote methods. These constraints are as a result of the Java Card platform language subset and other feature limitations. For more information, see Section, Access Control of Remote Interfaces and Section, Parameters and Return Values.

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