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javacard:jcvm: implemented_interface_info

The implemented_interface_info structure is defined as follows:

The items in the implemented_interface_info structure are defined as follows:


The interface item has the form of a class_ref structure. The class_ref structure is defined as part of the CONSTANT_Classref_info structure ( Section 6.7.1, CONSTANT_Classref). The interface_info structure referenced by the interface item represents an interface implemented by this class.


The count item indicates the number of entries in the index[] array.


The index[] item is an array that maps declarations of interface methods to implementations of those methods in this class. It is a representation of the set of methods declared by the interface and its superinterfaces.

Entries in the index array must be ordered such that the interface method token value ( Section, Interface Methods) of the interface method is equal to the index into the array. The interface method token value is assigned to the method within the scope of the interface definition, not within the scope of this class.

The values in the index[] array represent the virtual method tokens ( Section, Virtual Methods) of the implementations of the interface methods. The virtual method token values are defined within the scope of the hierarchy of this class.

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