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5.6.2 CONSTANT_Classref

The CONSTANT_Classref_info structure is used to represent a class or interface:

The items of the CONSTANT_Classref_info structure are the following:


The tag item has the value of CONSTANT_Classref (7).


The value of the name_index item must be a valid index into the constant_pool table. The constant_pool entry at that index must be a CONSTANT_Utf8_info ( Section 5.6.4, CONSTANT_Utf8) structure representing a valid fully qualified Java class or interface name. This name is fully qualified since it may represent a class or interface defined in a package other than the one described in the export file.

As in Java class files, ASCII periods (`.') that normally separate the identifiers in a class or interface name are replaced by ASCII forward slashes (`/'). For example, the interface name javacard.framework.Shareable is represented in a CONSTANT_Utf8_info structure as javacard/framework/Shareable.

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