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4.1.3 JAR File Container

The JAR file format is used as the container format for CAP files. What this specification calls a “CAP file” is just a JAR file that contains the required set of CAP components (see Chapter 6, “The CAP File Format”).

CAP file components are stored as files in a JAR file. Each CAP file component is located in a subdirectory called javacard that is in a directory representing the package. For example, the CAP file components of the package com.sun.framework are located in the directory com/sun/framework/javacard.

An export file may also be contained in a JAR file, whether that JAR file contains CAP file components or not. If an export file is included, it must be located in the same directory as the components for that package would be.

The name of a JAR file containing CAP file components is not defined as part of this specification. Other files, including CAP file components for another package, may also reside in a JAR file that contains CAP file components.

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