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7.5.11 athrow

Throw exception or error




athrow = 147 (0x93)


…, objectref → objectref


The objectref must be of type reference and must refer to an object that is an instance of class Throwable or of a subclass of Throwable. It is popped from the operand stack. The objectref is then thrown by searching the current frame ( Section 3.5, Frames) for the most recent catch clause that catches the class of objectref or one of its superclasses.

If a catch clause is found, it contains the location of the code intended to handle this exception. The pc register is reset to that location, the operand stack of the current frame is cleared, objectref is pushed back onto the operand stack, and execution continues. If no appropriate clause is found in the current frame, that frame is popped, the frame of its invoker is reinstated, and the objectref is rethrown.

If no catch clause is found that handles this exception, the virtual machine exits.

Runtime Exception

If objectref is null, athrow throws a NullPointerException instead of objectref.


In some circumstances, the athrow instruction may throw a SecurityException if the current context ( Section 3.4, Contexts) is not the owning context ( Section 3.4, Contexts) of the object referenced by objectref. The exact circumstances when the exception will be thrown are specified in Chapter 6 of the Runtime Environment Specification, Java Card Platform, Version 2.2.2.

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