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7.5.10 astore_<n>

Store reference into local variable




astore_0 = 43 (0x2b) astore_1 = 44 (0x2c) astore_2 = 45 (0x2d) astore_3 = 46 (0x2e)


…, objectref → …


The must be a valid index into the local variables of the current frame ( Section 3.5, Frames). The objectref on the top of the operand stack must be of type returnAddress or of type reference. It is popped from the operand stack, and the value of the local variable at is set to objectref.


An astore_ instruction is used with an objectref of type returnAddress when implementing Java's finally keyword. An aload_ instruction cannot be used to load a value of type returnAddress from a local variable onto the operand stack. This asymmetry with the corresponding astore_ instruction is intentional.

Each of the astore_ instructions is the same as astore with an index of , except that the operand is implicit.

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