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6.6 Import Component

The Import Component lists the set of packages imported by the classes in this package. It does not include an entry for the package defined in this CAP file. The Import Component is represented by the following structure:

The items in the import_component structure are as follows:


The tag item has the value COMPONENT_Import (4).


The size item indicates the number of bytes in the import_component structure, excluding the tag and size items. The value of the size item must be greater than zero.


The count item indicates the number of items in the packages table. The value of the count item must be between 0 and 128, inclusive.


The packages item represents a table of variable-length package_info structures as defined for package under Section 6.3, Header Component. The table contains an entry for each of the packages referenced in the CAP file, not including the package defined.

The major and minor version numbers specified in the package_info structure are equal to the major and minor versions specified in the imported package's export file. See Section 4.5, Package Versions for a description of assigning and using package version numbers.

Components of this CAP file refer to an imported package by using a index in this packages table. The index is called a package token ( Section, Package).

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