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5.6.1 CONSTANT_Package

The CONSTANT_Package_info structure is used to represent a package:

The items of the CONSTANT_Package_info structure are the following:


The tag item has the value of CONSTANT_Package (13).


The flags item is a mask of modifiers that apply to this package. The flags modifiers are shown in the following table.





The ACC_LIBRARY flag has the value of one if this package does not define and declare any applets. In this case it is called a library package. Otherwise ACC_LIBRARY has the value of zero.

If the package is not a library package this export file can only contain shareable interfaces.<SUP>[2]</SUP> A shareable interface is either the javacard.framework.Shareable interface or an interface that extends the javacard.framework.Shareable interface.

All other flag values are reserved. Their values must be zero.


The value of the name_index item must be a valid index into the constant_pool table. The constant_pool entry at that index must be a CONSTANT_Utf8_info ( Section 5.6.4, CONSTANT_Utf8) structure representing a valid Java package name.

As in Java class files, ASCII periods (`.') that normally separate the identifiers in a package name are replaced by ASCII forward slashes (`/'). For example, the package name javacard.framework is represented in a CONSTANT_Utf8_info structure as javacard/framework.

minor_version, major_version

The minor_version and major_version items are the minor and major version numbers of this package. These values uniquely identify the particular implementation of this package and indicate the binary compatibility between packages. See Section 4.5, Package Versions for a description of assigning and using package version numbers.


The value of the aid_length item gives the number of bytes in the aid array. Valid values are between 5 and 16, inclusive.


The aid array contains the ISO AID of this package ( Section 4.2, AID-based Naming).

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